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The New Riders of the Golden Age from War Horse Farm in Sarasota, Florida, have been jousting professionally since 1982 and have appeared at Renaissance Festivals, state and county fairs and other events all over the USA and Canada.

Knight on Percheron steed

The use of Belgian, Percheron, Shire, and Clydesdale horses and full suits of period-designed 16th century tilting armor differentiates the New Riders of the Golden Age from groups and organizations presenting staged theatrical medieval jousts. The use of period equipment allows the New Riders to engage in an authentic full contact joust, and the great horses add an unmatchable sense of power and presence to the joust. Over twenty years of developing equipment, refining technique, and performing live at large outdoor venues have polished a unique presentation and confirmed repeatedly that audiences do appreciate the real thing.


Join the New Riders!
Looking for a few men to be performers in our joust company. Must be fit, enjoy horses, and be willing to travel. Email prospectus to New Riders of the Golden Age.

To find out when the New Riders of the Golden Age will be in your area, or for more information, contact the New Riders of the Golden Age at WHProdfl@aol.com

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