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New Riders of the Golden Age
When a child's imagination is sparked, it is then that lasting impressions are made.
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Educational Presentation
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Kansas City Since our inception nearly twenty years ago, we have performed tournament jousts across the U.S. and into Canada. We will appear at schools nationwide bringing our unique knowledge to children in their environment.
What we do is real. We have a first-hand working knowledge of full contact jousting and the life and social station of a knight. Therefore, we can speak directly and honestly about what it takes, physically and mentally, to prepare for and execute a successful joust.
Our classroom interaction consists of the appearance of a knight in full noble's costuming with a complete suit of tilting armor, swords, shield, and a lance to be used as hands-on visual aids. The knight will also have a prepared dialogue on the training and evolution of the knight, the training and evolution of the great war horse, and the development of weapons and armor.

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Detailed discourse will cover the values a knight is taught and the code of chivalry he follows. The training and breeding of his great war horse is covered as well as how the armor is made and how it developed and functioned. Finally, the history and purpose of the tournament will be discussed. All points are considered in the times of Elizabethan England as well as modern day. Ample opportunity is allotted throughout for the students and teachers to ask questions of the knights.
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The spirit of chivalry is very much alive in the hearts of children of all ages. All of our performers are drawn together by a strong desire to keep alive an ancient sport and the honorable traditions of a time that has passed on some 400 years ago. All who ride with us now look through the eyes of self-respect, honor and accomplishment. Through our classroom presentation, students have been shown a connection to these values and experiences. And we show that through self discipline, personal management and persistence, it is possible to be what you want to be, even a knight in the twentieth century.

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